• Flake ice evaporator

    Flake ice evaporator

    Herbin Ice Systems is one of the biggest flake ice evaporators manufacturer in China. We manufacture and sell flake ice evaporators to other Chinese ice machine companies and to overseas market. 60% of Chinese flake ice machines are equipped with our flake ice evaporators. Our flake ice evaporators are also widely used around the world, such as USA/Mexico/Brazil/Greece/South Africa/ and so on. The flake ice evaporators are ready for ice making after simple connecting with refrigeration units...
  • Block ice machines

    Block ice machines

    Ice making principle: Water will be added automatically to ice cans and directly exchange heat with refrigerant.

    After a certain ice making time, the water in the ice tank all becomes ice when the refrigeration system will change into ice doffing mode automatically.

    Defrosting is done by hot gas and the ice blocks will be released fall down in 25 minutes.

    Aluminum evaporator adopts special technology ensuring the ice totally compliant with the food hygienic standards and can be eaten directly.

  • Ice room

    Ice room

    Product Description: For small commercial ice machine users and customers who can use ice at a normal frequency in the daytime,they do not need bring the refrigeration system for their ice storage room. For big ice storage room, refrigeration units are needed to remain the inside temperature minus so ice can be kept inside without melting for long time. Ice rooms are used for preservation flake ice, block ice, bagged ice tubes and so on.   Features: 1. Cold storage board insulation thickness ...
  • Ice packing machine

    Ice packing machine

    Product Description: Herbin ice packing machine is consists of three parts: feeding, weighing, packing. Single dynamo supply power, screw conveying ice. We are devoted to providing you with simple, reliable, economical ice packing machine.   Features: Simple structure, light weight, convenient transport. All interface is covered by stainless steel 304, completely conforming to food hygiene standard. System configurations all use well-known brands.
  • Ice crusher

    Ice crusher

    Product Description: Herbin provides ice crushing equipment for crushing ice blocks, ice tubes, and so on. Ice can be crushed into small pieces or even powder. The crushed ice can meet with food sanitary standard if customer require so.   Features: The shell is made of iron plate and stainless steel, so as to ensure exquisite and beautiful appearance. Modular design makes it easy and safe to operate. High efficiency and long service life. Made by stainless steel 304. The process of ice-crushi...
  • Ice bag

    Ice bag

    Ice bags materials meet with food sanitary standard, which guarantee the food quality ice. Ice bags with difference sizes are available, which can be customized according to customer’s sample. Commercial information with different logos can be printed on the bags. Transparent bags without printing are the cheapest.