3T flake ice machine

Short Description:

Running power: 9.375 KW.

Ice thickness: 1.8-2.2mm.

Ice temperature: Minus 5℃.

Refrigerant: R404a, R448a, R449a, or else.

Power supply: 3 phase industrial power supply.

Ice bin’s storage capacity: 500 kgs of ice flakes or customized.

Ice daily productive capacity: 3000 kgs of ice flakes per 24 hours.

Standard working condition: 30℃ ambient and 20℃ water temperature.

Power consumption: 75 KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice flakes.

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Product Detail

My standard 3T/day flake ice plant is equipped with 500kg ice storage bin. That ice bin can storage 500kgs of ice flakes. Customer can also choose bigger ice storage bin, or ice room. 


Here are the main advantages of my 3T/day flake ice machines.

1. The biggest advantage is power saving.

Most power-saving flake ice machine in China.

Different from other ice machine factories, Herbin Ice systems manufacture its own flake ice evaporators and we use special material to improve the efficiency.

Patented material, Chromed silver alloy, is used for making the evaporators, so they have the best thermal conductivity.

Water is frozen more easily because of the evaporator's better thermal conductivity.

Smaller refrigeration units can be used for making the same capacity flake ice machines compared with others.

Less electricity is consumed for making the same amount of ice.

Let us us calculate with a 3T/day flake ice machine.

Other Chinese water cooled flake ice machines consume 105KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice.

My flake ice machines consume only 75KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice.

(105-75) x 3 x 365 x 10 = 328,500 KWH.

If customer choose my 3T/day flake ice machine, he will save 328,500 KWH of electricity in 10 years.

If customer choose other poor technology flake ice machine, he will spend more money to pay for that meaningless extra electricity consumption, 328,500 KWH.

How much for 328,500 KWH of electricity in your country? 

328,500 KWH of electricity is about US$ 45,000 in my city.

2. Good quality with long warranty.

80% of the components on my flake ice machines are international famous brands.Such as Bitzer, GEA Bock, Danfoss, Schneider, and so on.

Our professional and experienced manufacturing team make full use of the the good components.

That guarantee you good quality flake ice machines with the best working performance.

Warranty for the refrigeration system is 20 years. If the refrigeration system’s working performance change and become abnormal within 20 years, we will pay for it.

No gas leaking for pipes in 12 years.

No refrigeration components break down in 12 years. Including compressor/condenser/evaporator/expansion valves....

Warranty for moving parts, such as motor/pump/bearings/electrical parts, are 2 years.

3. Quick delivery time.

My factory is one of the biggest in China full of experienced workers.

We need no more than 20 days to make flake ice machines smaller than 20T/day.

We need no more than 30 days to make flake ice machines between 20T/day to 40T/day.

The manufacturing time for one machine and several machines is the same.

Customer will not wait for long to get the flake ice machines after payment.

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