Ice crusher

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Product Detail

Product Description:

Herbin provides ice crushing equipment for crushing ice blocks, ice tubes, and so on.

Ice can be crushed into small pieces or even powder.

The crushed ice can meet with food sanitary standard if customer require so.



The shell is made of iron plate and stainless steel, so as to ensure exquisite and beautiful appearance.

Modular design makes it easy and safe to operate.

High efficiency and long service life.

Made by stainless steel 304. The process of ice-crushing is hygiene, meeting the international food standard requirements.


Totally hermetically-sealed without any pollution.

Polishing treatment of inner wall, materials are difficult to bond.

Simple process arrangement is more economical and energy- saving which is beneficial to improve production.

The new developed conveying system is widely used in various industries.


Modular design guarantees safe and simple operation.

Manufactured by stainless steel 304. the whole process is sanitary, conforming to food grade standard.

Concise design and novel style.

Ice crusher (1)
Ice crusher (2)
Ice crusher (3)

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