5T flake ice machine

Short Description:


Ice thickness: More than 2.5mm.

Make thicker and stronger ice flakes than your competitors.


Ice temperature: Minus 10℃.

Make colder ice flakes with more cooling power.


Our flake ice machines are specifically designed to make better quality ice, so the user can easily beat their competitors in the ice market

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Product Detail

Video to show my standard 5T/day flake ice plant.

Beside using more efficient evaporators, we also add more components to increase the machines' efficiency.

So our flake ice machines can make thicker and stronger ice flakes than other Chinese flake ice machines.


Such thicker and stronger ice flakes are better quality ice flakes, and they are with more cooling power.


Ice flakes made by our machines can last for longer time, and they are with slower melting speed.


Ice flakes are obviously thicker with lower temperature.


The ice quality is well shown in the above video.

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