5T tube ice machine

Short Description:

Running power: 15.625 KW.

Ice temperature: Minus 5℃.

Ice quality: Transparent and crystal.

Ice diameter: 22mm, 29mm, 35mm or else.

Refrigerant: R404a, R448a, R449a, or else.

Power supply: 3 phase industrial power supply.

Ice daily productive capacity: 5000 kgs of ice tubes per 24 hours.

Standard working condition: 30℃ ambient and 20℃ water temperature.

Power consumption: 75 KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice flakes.

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Product Detail

Video to show testing 5T/day tube ice machine in my factory.


Video to show 5T/day tube ice machines in customer's ice plant.


2-in-1 tube ice machines. One machine can make 2 kinds of ice.

A: Solid ice cylinders without holes.

That is my machine's unique advantage, and other Chinese machines can not make solid ice cylinders

B: Hollow ice tubes with holes.

The hole diameter is usually ø0~5mm and it can be adjusted according to ice making time.

Ice cyliners / Ice tubes made by my machines are 100% transparent, crystal, and clear. They looks very nice in the beverage, drink.

Tube ice

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