Shenzhen Herbin Ice Systems Co., Ltd. was found in 2006. It has been focusing on improving ice machine technology even since, including flake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine and so on.

We are doing great jobs with OEM/ODM for flake ice evaporators, flake ice machines, tube ice machines, block ice machines. Our products are warmly welcomed by our business partners around the world.

Flake ice machine technology:

We manufacture flake ice evaporators in China, and we sell flake ice evaporators to most of other Chinese ice machine companies, who connect Herbin evaporators with their own cooling units to make turnkey flake ice machines locally in different countries all around the world.

More than 60% of Chinese flake ice machines are equipped with Herbin flake ice evaporators.

Herbin flake ice evaporators has already been used world widely.

Meanwhile, Herbin company started using Chromed silver alloy to make the evaporator since 2009 to improve the flake ice evaporator's thermal conductivity. This kind of silver alloy is a very special material, patented by Herbin Ice Systems. The new material improved the thermal conductivity by 40% compared with other Chinese flake ice machines, and it prevent malformation after long time use.

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Tube ice machine technology:

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Herbin Ice systems started learning experience from Vogt tube ice machine since 2009.

We bought some used P34AL in July 20th, 2009 from Xiaobang Ice plant(The biggest ice plant in Shenzhen). We disassembled the tube ice machines, and copied each every single components, such as water flow director, liquid level sensor in evaporator, compressor oil circulation system, smart liquid supply system, constant pressure valves, efficient defrosting system and everything.

Based on the Vogt experience, we started testing and improving our own tube ice machine in 2010.

We become the best tube ice machine manufacturer in China in 2011.

High technology, top quality and good price make Herbin company grow up very quickly in tube ice machine market.

Block ice machine technology:

Before 2009, we focus on traditional brine pool block ice machine.

We started manufacturing direct refrigeration block ice machine since 2010.

This new technology block ice machine is power saving, stable.

Meanwhile, we supply good ice packing machines, ice rooms, cold rooms, water chillers, pure water systems, bag sealers, snow making machines, vacuum chillers and so on, And we are very good for that.

Business philosophy:

(1) The core value of HERBIN: Create value for customers and create benefits for society!

(2) HERBIN adheres to the business philosophy of "Quality first, Reputation first, Service first", will continue to innovate and develop, strive to improve the international competitiveness of ice-making equipment, and become a world-class ice-making brand.

All ice machines are specifically designed to be very strong, so they can survive very well during the delivery from our factory to customer’s facility. No pipe breaking, no crack on welding areas, no loosen parts after bumpy international sea shipping and road transport.

All ice machines will past 72 hour test before they are delivered to customers.

Herbin offer warranty of 24 months for all ice machines.

We also have a professional after-sale service team to assist users to install the ice machines. On-line consulting service is for free for lift long time.

People in Herbin Ice Systems:

(1) Herbin the founder of the company, and he used his name to name the company. Herbin is now the general manager of the company and deploys the company's main work about manufacturing.

(2) Mike Li is the Sales Director, in charge of the company’s sale for both Chinese and overseas market. Mike has the sales experience in ice machine industry for more than 10 years, before that he got the graduate degree of HAVC Major in Zhanjiang Ocean University.

Zhangjiang Ocean University is famous for its HAVC Major in South of China.


Certification of Herbin Ice machines.

All Herbin ice machines have the certification of CE, SGS, UL......

Herbin's ice machine has more than 70 patents, such as patent for flake ice evaporator’s new material, flooded flake ice machine, tube ice machines and so on.

Company structure:

(1) HERBIN's departments include: Development Department, Purchasing Department, Manufacturing Department, Quality Department, Business Department, and After-sales Service Department

(2) Development Department: Responsible for ice machine quality improvement, ice technology improvement, power saving improvement and so on;

Purchasing Department: Procurement of related accessories and accessories for ice machines, such as compressor, pressure vessels, expansion valves, condenser, and so on.

Manufacturing Department: Responsible for the production of ice machines and related equipment.

Quality Department: Check the quality of the ice machines. And monitor the electricity consumption of each machine.

Business Department: Sell qualified ice machine equipment to customers

After-sales service department: Responsible for the installation, maintenance for purchased ice machines, and on-line service for all matters regarding ice making machines.


Introduction of the company's production capacity

Introduction of equipment and technology

Herbin company has its own 3 horizontal small lathes, 2 vertical large lathes, one full automatic welding machine, 15 manual welding machines, 3 plate cutting & bending machine, one acid-washing facility, one Nickel&chrome plating pool, one heat treatment tunnel, one polyurethane(PU) filling machine.........

The lathes and experienced workers guarantee flake ice evaporators with the best roundness.

Professional heat treatment guarantee the flake ice evaporators have no malformation after long time use. Perfect acid washing and nickel&chrome plating allow the evaporators to work stably for more than 20 years.

We have more than 50 people working professionally with above-mentioned equipment, and we can make more 5-20 sets of flake ice evaporators everyday.


We have 2 engineers for small capacity commercial use flake ice machines, 2 engineer for big capacity flake ice machines, 3 engineers for tube ice machines and other ice machines with high technologies.

In average, every week, we will send out 200 sets of small capacity commercial use flake ice machines. 5-10 sets of flake ice machines bigger than 5T/day. 3-5 sets of tube ice machines bigger than 3T/day.



Herbin has build up strong relationship with the component suppliers, such as Bitzer, Frascold, Refcomp, Danfoss, Copeland, Emerson, O&F, Eden, and so on.

Herbin ice machines are widely use around the world.

For example, 95% of Made-in-Turkey flake ice machines are equipped with Herbin flake ice evaporators by local Sogutma companies.

65% Made-in-China flake ice machines are equipped wtih Herbin flake ice evaporators.

30% of high technology tube ice machines in East Asia are from Herbin Ice Systems, such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos.....

Ice tubes are consumed as food in the daily life in those countries.

80% of Chinese fishing boats are equipped with Herbin seawater flake ice machines.

Herbin is the biggest commercial flake ice machine supplier for Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Tesco, Jiajiayue, and other Chain supermarket. Ice flakes are used for selling seafood, fish, meet and so on.

Herbin’s big flake ice machine and tube ice machines are widely used by Sanquan Foods, Shineway Group, and other food processing plants.

Herbin company has representative and offices in Middle East, South Africa, East EU, Northern EU and so on.

Product Information

1. Product display

Products are divided into the latest products, special products and general products.

(1) The latest products: Our latest products are power-saving flake ice machines. By using new material to make the flake ice evaporators, our flake ice machines consume only 75KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice flakes(Based on 30C ambient and 20C inlet water). Other Chinese flake ice machines consume at least 105KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice flakes.

We also have flooded type flake ice machines for sale, and they consume 65KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice in average.

about (3)

(2) Special products: We have special price for 5T/day tube ice machines in 2020. And we always have this model in stock. We can always sell 5T/day tube ice machine with the best price in the world, and they are in stock. We need only 18 days for making a new 5T/day tube ice machine from 0.

(3) General products: General commercial flake ice machines are small capacities, and we keep large amount of small flake ice machines in stock. They are stable and have very long service time, they are sold like hot-dog everyday.


2. General description of the product

Commercial use small capacity flake ice machines are widely used in supermarket, restaurant, for keeping the food fresh.

Big flake ice machines / tube ice machines are normally used in food processing plants. And ice is added into food directly during meet processing.

Big flake ice machines and tube ice machines are also for ice selling business. Ice plants sell the flake ice to fishing people, or sell the bagged ice tubes to coffee/bars/hotels/cold drink shops/stores and so on.

Our ice machines are widely used for large supermarket, meat processing, Aquatic food processing, fowl slaughtering, leather industry, Dye chemical industry, Temperature reducing in Mine, Bio-pharmacy, laboratories, medical facility, Ocean fishing, concrete construction projects and so on.

With out newest technology, our flake ice machines are 30% more power saving than other Chinese flake ice machines. If the user choose my 20T/day flake ice machine, he will spend USD 600,000 less for electricity bill in 20 years. If he choose other Chinese flake ice machine, he will spend USD 600,000 more for electricity bill and he get nothing. The same ice quality, and the same amount of ice flakes.

Our tube ice machines is developed based on Vogt’s tube ice systems. They have the perfect liquid level control in the evaporator, smart liquid supply, smooth oil circulation, efficient defrosting system, and no liquid refrigerant comes back to compressor.........

All those detailed jobs are well done and you will have the best tube ice machines from Herbin Ice Systems.

We have ice machines with Chinese standard, EU standard, USA standard.....

For ice machines with EU and USA standard, the wire colors are must follow CE rules, the liquid receiver is equipped with security valve and the valve has 2 ends, all the pressure vessels have PED certification.........

To guarantee the machines’ long service time, we always suggest customers to buy spare parts along with the machines. Pumps/ motors/ sensors/ contactors / relays are available with very good prices, the same as how much we pay to our suppliers.

We pack ice machines into standard wooden boxes, which are made of fumigated panels. They are acceptable for all countries around the world.

Machines will be tighten very well in the wooden boxes, or in the containers. We will carefully do all necessary jobs to prevent damage caused by shaking, jolt on the way from my factory to customers’ facility.

The steel frames are reinforced and pipes are double tighten. Other Chinese companies never put this into consideration.

Customers should take pictures to show the pressure gauges the first time after they receive the ice machines. If the machines have pipe breaking, cracking, gas leaking problems, we will pay for their lose.