Why your flake ice machines are more power-saving than other Chinese flake ice machines?

We used silver alloy to make the flake ice evaporator. This new patented material has the best thermal conductivity. The heat exchange between water and refrigerant can be conducted more efficiently, therefore, ice making is becoming very efficient, and less refrigeration power is needed.
The systems’ evaporating temperatures are allowed to be higher, such as -18C. Water can be very well frozen with that evaporating temperature, while other Chinese companies have to design their systems with -22C evaporating temperature.
Power-saving = Electricity bill saving.
One 20T/day flake ice machine can help you to save up to USD 600000 in 20 years. We calculate the electricity at the price of USD 14 per 100KWH.

For power-saving, you use new material to make the evaporator. Does that new material have long service time?

Of course.
The silver alloy is made of many ingredient, and it is 2 times stronger than traditional carbon steel.
After heat-treatment, the evaporators with new materials will have no malformation for life long time. We hired professional team to do complete test in Zhangjiang Ocean University. And we have tested this material with more than 1000 machines in the market for 5 years.

How much for your ice machine

A: We will quote based on customers’ requirements.
So the customer should offer us the following information then we can quoted accordingly.
1.What kind of ice to make? Flake ice, tube ice, block ice, or else?
2.How many tons of ice make everyday, within every 24 hours?
3.What will be the main use of the ice? For freezing fish, or else?
4.Tell me your plan about the ice business, so we will offer you the best solution based on your experience.