Our patented ice molds control the water freezing process.

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Our ice molds isolate and remove all air bubbles and impurities in the water before they are frozen inside the ice balls or cubes.

The key to making clear ice is carefully controlling how the water is freezing.

This is the details to explain why our ice molds can make the perfect, transparent, crystal and shinning ice balls, ice cubes, ice diamonds.........

In nature, we can see clear ice forming at the top of ponds, this is because of a controlled freezing process, which is the same in our ice molds.

The opposite can be found in a typical and traditional ice cube tray.

In the typical ice trays, water is being frozen from the top, bottom, and all four sides at the same time. That results in a cloudy center, which is the air bubbles and impurity.

The bottom and edges of the pond are being insulated by the earth, then the water is freezing only from top-to-bottom.

This results in clear ice at the top and all air bubbles and impurities being pushed to the bottom as they are the last to freeze. 

The key to making clear ice  (1)

Similar to the natural ice forming example, with the power of the controlled or "directional" freezing process, our ice molds make perfect ball ice, cube ice, diamond ice, skull ice.

100% transparent, crystal, and beautiful.

Such ice can be sold at higher price, and bring very good profit.

The solution is to put hundreds and thousands of different ice molds into a cold room.

Wait for 48 hours, remove all the ice molds, and put new ice molds filled with water for new circle.

One person is enough for doing all the jobs.

Sell hundreds and thousands of perfect ice balls, ice cubes..................