Tube ice is a kind of hollow cylindrical ice with external diameter ø22、ø29、ø35mm and length 25~42mm. The hole diameter is usually ø0~5mm and it can be adjusted according to ice making time.

Features: Tube ice is thick and transparent with long storage period. It isn't likely to melt in a short time. Tube ice is very beautiful, and it can be 100% transparent, crystal. It looks very nice in the beverage, drink.

Application: Daily eating, cooling beverage, drink, keeping vegetable and seafood fresh, etc.



Ice productive capacity

Full details

3T/day tube ice machine


3 tons per 24 hours

5T/day tube ice machine


5 tons per 24 hours

10/day tube ice machine


10 tons per 24 hours

20T/day tube ice machine


20 tons per 24 hours

Here are the main advantages of my Tube ice machines.

  1. The copy of the best and better than the best.

Different from other ice machine factories, Herbin Ice systems gave up Chinese traditional poor tube ice technology since 2009. We copied Vogt technology since 2009

Herbin ice Systems bought some used Vogt machines model P34AL, from one Chinese ice plant in 2009. We disassembled it, and copied all the components and system design. We use the same component suppliers as Vogt, such as Parker liquid level sensor, Parker constant pressure valve and so on. We copied Vogt’s smart liquid supply, we add  liquid receiver above the evaporator to prevent liquid slugging in compressor,  we added heat ex-changers to improve the systems’ efficiency. We also made a lot of improvements based on that copy to make our tube ice machines as perfect as possible.

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  1. Experts say that my tube ice machines are even better than Vogt now, because our oil circulation system is more smooth, and our design is more user-friendly.

2.Power saving.

Thanks to our high technology and smart system design. Our tube ice machines consume less electricity is consumed for making the same amount of ice.

For example,let us calculate with a 20T/day Tube ice machine.

Other Chinese water cooled Tube ice machines consume 100KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice.

My Tube ice machines consume only 75KWH of electricity for making every 1 ton of ice.

(100-75) x 20 x 365 x 10 = 1825000 KWH. If customer choose my 20T Tube ice machine, he will save 1825000KWH of electricity in 10 years. How much is 1825000KWH of electricity in your country?

3. Good quality with long warranty.

80% of the components on my Tube ice machines are the same or similar to Vogt.

Some components are imported from USA directly.

Our professional and experienced manufacturing team make full use of the the good components.

That guarantee you good quality Tube ice machines with the best working performance.

Warranty for the refrigeration system is 20 years. If the refrigeration system’s working performance change and become unnormal within 20 years, we will pay for it.

No gas leaking for pipes in 12 years.

No refrigeration components break down in 12 years. Including compressor/condenser/evaporator/expansion valves....

Warranty for moving parts, such as motor/pump/bearings/electrical parts, are 2 years.

5. Quick delivery time.

My factory is one of the biggest in China full of experienced workers.

We need no more than 20 days to make Tube ice machines smaller than 20T/day.

We need no more than 30 days to make Tube ice machines between 20T/day to 40T/day.

The manufacturing time for one machine and several machines is the same.

Customer will not wait for long to get the Tube ice machines after payment.

Here are the parameter list of my standard Tube ice machines for your reference.

Tube ice machines can be customized, and the parameter might be different accordingly.