5T flake ice machine

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5T/day flake ice machine for making 5 tons of ice flakes everyday, within every 24 hours.

We supply 5T/day flake ice machine. High quality with 2 year warranty. We dedicate ourselves to flake ice machines since 2009, and our machines cover most of European and American markets. We are expecting to service you with our stable and power-saving flake ice technology.

5T/day flake ice machine for making 5 tons of ice flakes everyday, within every 24 hours.


1. Ice made by our 5T/day flake ice machine.

Ice flakes made by our flake ice machines are well-frozen with the best cooling performance. Ice flakes are thick and dry.

Around 5 tons of such high quality ice flakes can be made everyday within 24 hours, and that ice daily productive capacity is based on 30C ambient temperature, 20C inlet water temperature.

The ice thickness range is between 1.5-2.3mm. And the ice thickness is adjustable.

Such ice flakes are widely used for freezing fish, keeping food fresh, food processing, concrete cooling, on board fish icing, chemical use and so on.

They are made by Green power-saving flake ice machines, and the power consumption for making every 1 ton of ice flakes is only 75KWH.

5T flake ice machine (12)

5T flake ice machine (11)

2. Details of the 5T/day flake ice machine.

Our 5T/day flake ice machine’s capacity is based on 30C ambient temperature and 20C inlet water temperature. With that standard working condition, it can make around 5 tons of ice flakes everyday, within 24 hours.

It is equipped with Silver alloy evaporator, which has the best thermal conductivity. Heat exchange between water and refrigerant can be done very efficiently. For this reason, this 5T/day flake ice machine consume only 375KWH of electricity for making 5 tons of ice flakes. Other Chinese 5T/day flake ice machine consume at least 525 KWH of electricity for making 5 tons of ice flakes. The daily electricity consumption difference is 150KWH.

In 10 years, the difference will be 547500 KWH of electricity. We calculate by using 150x365x10=547500.

Choose my 5T/day flake ice machine, you will pay much less for electricity bill by saving 547500 KWH of electricity in 10 years.

5T flake ice machine (8)

80% of the components on the 5T/day flake ice machine are international famous brand. For compressors, we select among Bitzer, GEA Bock, Frascold, Refcomp, and so on. For pressure vessels, such as oil separator, liquid receiver and so on, we select Emerson or O&F, which are the most popular and widely used for top quality refrigeration systems. Meanwhile, Danfoss valves , Ziehl-Abegg fans, Schneider electricity parts, and so on are used in our 5T/day flake ice machines.

Here are some pictures to some components and details in our 5T/day flake ice machine.

5T flake ice machine (6)

       3. Parameter of the 5T/day flake ice machine.

1 Parameters Specs
2 Standard ambient temperature 30℃
3 Standard inlet water temperature 20℃
4 Water resource Fresh water
5 Power supply 400V / 4P / 50Hz
6 Working condition Well-ventilated
7 Model HBF5T-R4W
8 Refrigerant R404a
9 Ice daily productive capacity 5 tons of ice flakes within 24 hours
10 Refrigeration capacity 25.3KW
11 Evaporating temperature Minus 18℃ - Minus 20℃
12 Flake ice temperature Below -5℃
13 Flake ice thickness 1.8-2.2mm
14 Power consumption for ice making 75KWH for making 1 ton of ice flakes
15 Noise 78dBA within 2 meters
16 Running power of complete machine 15.625KW  Power saving !!!   
18 Water cooling tower pump and fan motor 1.5+0.55=2.05KW
19 Water condenser heat exchange capacity 100KW
20 Reducer of ice cutter in evaporator 0.55KW
21 Water circulation pump in evaporator 0.12KW
22 Control system PLC control program
23 Ice flake density 900~950kg/m3
24 Weight of the flake ice machine 1500kgs
25 Dimension of the flake ice machine LxWxH=2300x1900x1800mm
26 Others ......

       4. The drawing of standard 5T/day flake ice plant.

5T flake ice machine (9)

Many customers would love to choose a 5T/day flake ice machine working with one 3T ice room together. That is also our standard for 5T/day flake ice plant.

The 5T/day flake ice machine is located above the 3T ice room.

The ice room is made of heat insulated panels with the thickness of 100mm, and ice flakes can be kept inside without melting for long time. Ice flakes automatically falls into the ice room.

The 3T ice room can storage 3 tons of ice flakes, and that is enough to storage all the ice flakes made in night time by a 5T/day flake ice machine.

In that drawing, you can see a water cooling tower by the side of ice machine. It is used for releasing the heat into ambient from the ice system. The water cooling tower is suggested to be located in a open area, such as the top of the building, outside of the facility and so on. The water cooled designed is strongly recommended to work in hot areas.

The size of the ice room can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

Beside water cooing condenser, we can also equip the machine with air cooling condenser + air cooling fans. And we will design the system according to user’s local highest and lowest ambient temperature.

5. Product future and application of the 5T/day flake ice machine.

Dry and well-frozen ice flakes with perfect cooling performance. Ice flakes can be used for freezing seafood, keeping food fresh, food processing, concrete cooling, on board fish icing, chemical use and so on.


6. Delivery, shipping, service and warranty of 5T/day flake ice machine.

One 20 feet container is more than enough to one complete 5T/day flake ice plant, including the 5T/day flake ice machine, ice room, steel frame to support the ice machine and son.

We offer on-line consulting service for free in the machine’s life long time. We offer components for free by DHL if the machine’s components has quality problem within warranty.

The flake ice evaporator’s warranty is 20 years, we promise the evaporator has no gas leaking, no malformation within 20 years.

3 years are for the warranty of Motors, pumps, bearings, fans, electrical components and other moving parts.

15 years are the warranty for the pressure vessels, condenser, compressor, valves and so on.


7. FAQ about 5T/day flake ice machine.

Q: How much for 5T/day flake ice plant?

A: The price for 5T/day flake ice plant is is between USD 13500 and USD 20000.

The prices depends on the machine’s component list and the size o f the ice room. The prices are based on FOB SHENZHEN USD, and they does not include the freight cost. Customer should pay for the freight by themselves.


Q: What is the difference between our flake ice machine and other Chinese flake ice machine?

A: The biggest difference is our power saving technology.

We are using Chromed sliver alloy to make the evaporator for the best and most efficient thermal conductivity.

In the same working condition, my 5T/day flake ice machine consume 375KWH of electricity everyday, while other Chinese flake ice machines consume at least 525KWH everyday.

Everyday, the difference is 150KWH of electricity.

In 10 years, the difference is 547,500 KWH of electricity.

In 20 years, the difference is 1,095,000 KWH of electricity.

Your biggest manufacturing cost for ice making is electricity. The key of successful and profitable ice business is the machine’s power saving technology.

With my power-saving technology, you can enlarge your ice profit by paying for smaller electricity bill.

With my power-saving technology, you can sell the ice with lower price than your competitors, and you can soon drive your competitors out of market.


What’s more, we have additional device to help you for power saving.

Let us call it power saver. Useless / inoperative electricity waves can be filtered by the power saver, therefore, it can reduce the entire system’s power consumption by 5%-8%.

The price of power saver start from USD 3000/ set, and it depends of the total installed power of system.

USD 3000 is the price for 5T/day flake ice plant’s power saver.


8. Recommendations.

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